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Caterpillar Morphs into Unagi at Kojima's

I can vividly remember all three of my children learning the fascinating life cycle of the caterpillar in pre-school. The children and teacher would hunt for a caterpillar in the trees of the playground and gently place it in a special container or cage and impatiently wait for it to morph into a chrysalis. The kids were so excited when I picked them up from school, jumping up and down blurting out all the interesting factoids about the life cycle of the caterpillar, all of which sounded like gibberish to me. Have you ever heard a three year old try to say chrysalis? Well, those days are long gone, but now there is something just as exciting and much more appetizing being served quite often here at Kojima's. One of our more popular Americanized sushi rolls, the Caterpillar Roll is filled with Unagi "(うなぎ), the Japanese word for freshwater eel, especially the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica" ( Topped with premium avocado slices, fish eggs and finally drizzled with Unagi glaze, this roll is perfect for the novice who may be afraid to try raw fish but yet satisfying to the connoisseur who can appreciate the fish eggs and perfectly broiled, highly popular Japanese freshwater eel.


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